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bereavement services

Grief is the natural emotional reaction to a loss, which often gets overwhelming. Different people go through different emotions like shock, disbelief, guilt, sadness, or emptiness. Many people not only go through emotional trauma but also go through disrupted physical health. That’s where the bereavement service plays an important role.

Bereavement can be said to be the time span where one experiences the sadness and loneliness of a loss. Not only life loss, but loss of a pet, job, business failure, or divorce are also considered. Bereavement Services means the supporting activities provided to the family or an individual who has lost a dear one recently. These services are available to the family for a minimum of a year and can be extended for more. A*Med Hospice extends its support with a team of professionals including caregivers, counsellors, volunteer helpers, bereavement counsellors, grief counsellors, etc.


  • A counselling session allows individuals to enjoy a safe & supportive space to express their most vulnerable feelings without fear of being judged.  
  • The professional is trained to understand the complex emotions and also aids in reducing the distress you go through. 
  • Bereavement Counselling is beneficial for an individual to integrate their feelings and supports them in accepting a life without their loved ones.

People generally don’t feel at ease when they have to discuss the loss and the bottling up of feelings can be a ticking bomb, which might destroy not only the individual when it bursts. Not having anyone to share and thus keeping shut and not being expressive is not the right way to cope up with the loss. Professional assistance is advisable as it saves an individual from getting into severe depression or PTSD. 

Even though family & friends can be of great help and support, professional help can aid in coping up with the high intense grief associated with the loss and help in quick emotional recovery. The counsellors are trained professionals who conduct sessions solely structured for you, which can empower you.

Few key techniques that a Bereavement Service Provider follow in hospice bereaved counselling setup:

  • They ask the person for the happenings since the death and how things have been since then, which reflects their grief reactions. 
  • Try to understand the exhaustion a person goes through physically or emotionally, and thus encourage them to prioritize themselves and get a proper diet, sleep, and exercise. Avoiding alcohol and other toxins is advisable. 
  • They encourage them to brush up their skills or a hobby as a part of a coping regime which also becomes a resource. They make sure to acknowledge their accomplishments and rebuild their self-esteem. The best possible way to encourage them is by applauding their qualities which were endearing to the deceased.  
  • Also, assure them that it is perfectly normal to be overwhelmed with feelings, but also at the same time, affirm them with the ability to surpass the loss. 
amed Bereavement Service Provider


A*Med Hospice does offer quality and confidential bereavement support service to the closed ones of the deceased person. We believe that the care and support continue with more compassion to the left behind. Understanding that no two individuals are the same, and everyone takes their own recovery pace, we walk you through the process and be readily available for you. 

We understand that spiritual support is as important as emotional support. What sets us apart from the other service providers is the fact that our team of chaplains provides spiritual support. Our chaplain team is an integral part of promoting spiritual well-being and support. Our chaplains are patient listeners and compassionate in nature, which can ease off the stress of an individual. 

For more details regarding the hospice care services A*med provides, visit https://amedhospice.com/services/

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